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EZLynx Approved Partner

ROBO4 is a quote automation tool for independent agents that is an all-in-one program.  It includes First Impressions for real-time internet lead quoting; ROBO4 list prospecting for excel CSV lists and ReQuotes, which gives you the ability to re-quote any saved quotes in your account.

We have partnered with more than 70+ real-time lead providers.


ReQuotes will quote previously saved applicants in your account and generate an updated quote with the current premiums.

ReQuotes generates a complete quote list for telemarketing and direct mail.


Don’t waste your internet leads! According to an article published by Forbes, 71% of internet leads are wasted and only 27% of leads are ever contacted and worse yet 35% to 64% of leads are never even called. That same article stated, that the seller only attempts an average of 1.3 times before giving up on the lead. First Impressions can help turn your contact rate to 100%. As the internet lead or telemarketing lead is received, it will generate a quote based on the lead information and email it to the prospect within a minute from your outlook. Emailing the quote directly to the prospect first, allows your staff to focus on closing the lead.


ROBO4 is our flagship product which turbocharges your agency with state-of-the-art technology, allowing you to quote more prospects faster, more efficiently, and accurately. ROBO4 quotes CSV lead lists with prospect-specific lead information to generate a more individualized quote for each prospect. ROBO4 generates complete quotes for telemarketing and direct mail.

*ROBO4EZlynx supports Home and Auto

*Carriers supported for each type may vary in specific states.

over 330 carriers available

"ROBO-Agent 4 helped me increase my quote volume by 790%. I went from contacting several hundred leads to now thousands! I'm Closing more business than ever before!"-Independence Insurance-Independent Agent-Indiana

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